Week 18: Movies take over

IMG_1158On Wednesday last week i got to spend a couple of hours shooting a short, it was primarily a test to get used to some new equipment. It went fairly well and we managed to get a good range of shots. It was a case of trying to make a DJ set out of a kitchen and to use the lights to help the effect. Over the course of the evening i managed to get around thirty minutes of usable footage that I need to whittle down to just Five.





IMG_1162As you can see I’m using a canon 60D DSLR, using various lenses throughout the shoot. For Audio i used a Zoom H4n recorder, but I’ll only need minimal sound as I’ll be overlaying a track once the edit is done. For lighting i was using two of my photography lights that help spit out 3200 kelvin light. I had a makeshift dolly and a steadicam for some hand-held shots, We used a black sheet to help with some of the set dressing moving it to fit and give some continuity.




IMG_1163It’s important to improvise while shooting and finding my friends jacket as great for some added mood lighting, covering the filter shed a deep red across the room and was a great last-minute effect.






As for the writing this week I did continue but I have no daily break down. I wrote every day, but most have been reviews for movies. If you want to do me a favour pop over and give them a read. Desperado review there are more there, feel free to comment away.


Week 17: Pre-production

Monday – 1103

Tuesday – 952

Wednesday -485

Thursday – 852

Friday – 673

Saturday – 593

Sunday – 475

This weeks total is 5133 not bad. It’s been a mix of writing and re-writing trying to get the short film script as tight  as possible. Everything has creeped together far to quickly. I’m rushing through now, i should be filming on Wednesday or thursday at the latest.

Week 16

Monday – 572
Tuesday – 731
Wednesday -549
Thursday -637
Friday – 1064
Saturday – 1142
Sunday – 958

A grand total of 5653, on Friday morning I got s bit of good news. A few friends schedules cleared up and it now looks like we’re all free for 3 days in a few weeks time. That means that I can finally get a short film made.

I dug out a few scripts, including one I really liked so I’ve been working on that since Friday as well as triple checking all the equipment.

Be more week off prep work and then I begin filming.

Week 15: 13 & 14 are in the post.

So yeah, there has been a small lapse. A lapse of two weeks. Two weeks. Obviously there is a very good reason as to why I fell behind, just give me a minute to think of one.

Laziness, I guess is the main reason. I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard on the fitness front. I guess I always knew I would slip up at some point. The test would always be getting back into it.

Monday – 763
Tuesday – 563
Wednesday – 672
Thursday – 584
Friday – 634
Saturday – 649

I achieved a grand total of 3865, it’s not too bad. I worked on the rewrite and it’s almost complete.

I must keep writing.

Week 12 the rewrite loop

Monday – 507
Tuesday – 537
Wednesday – 613
Thursday – 582
Friday – 519
Saturday – 532
Sunday – 571

A total of 3861.

I am really struggling through this rewrite. What is the rewrite stage?
I know initially you just try to get the story down, the basics. That’s easy enough. I can sit down and knock the first time in a fairly short period if time.
I usually give it a few weeks before going back and reading the draft while taking notes on the story and characters. Finding out all the plot holes and character inconsistencies.
I sit down and start to write the second draft. Although now I’m taking care to make sure that the story flows better and the characters are all individuals.

It seems to be a slow process. What am I doing wrong?

Is there an easier process?

How do you rewrite?

Week 11: Odd Jobs

After the month of Camp nanowrimo I took a holiday of sorts.

Monday – 500

Tuesday – 573

Wednesday – 693

Thursday – 543

Friday – 529

Saturday – 518

Sunday – 500

A total of 3856, I really took my foot of the pedal.

This was a rather strange week where I worked on nothing particular. I re-wrote a little, started two short stories and then gave up. I started the Insanity workout, which is great, but leaves you exhausted. I had a head cold that left me a little groggy. Then there was the lazy gene where all I wanted to do was watch movies which is another of my passions. Any movie fan should join Letterboxd, this is my page.

Next week I promise to devote to the rewriting which is where I always struggle. Now that crafting the story is done I feel it’s a bit of a job going back through it, but I must.


See you next week

Camp Nanowrimo Day 30

Well it is officially the last night of camp. We had our ups and downs. There’s been joy and tears and in the end I walk away with my short story complete and satisfied with my effort. Sure I could have done lots of things differently, but I didn’t so there is no point worrying about that now.

Day Total – 1284

Day Goal – 667

The reason my total is unusually high is that I wanted to complete the story, have that first draft finished and I managed it, just.

My cabin failed its target also, which stings a little. Only one other member met their goal. One came so close 40k of a 50k goal.

As I sit posting my last camp update, I wonder how I can fill my blog. At the start of this year I made two promises to my self, to write regularly and get something out into the world. My second promise was to get into shape. I have always been fat, chubby or robust, which ever you choose is fine. I lost some weight at the end of last year and I have done well so far this year, I’m now officially healthy thanks to one of those BMI tests.

My fitness regime usually consists of running two – three times a week and for some reason I decided to add the insanity workout into my schedule, two days in and I fear it may destroy me. Watch out for weekly updates on that and of course my writing up dates.


Goodbye Camp nanowrimo

Week 10: double figures

Ten weeks straight, the new writing routine has taken hold. It also seems that my weekly updates are in a habit if being late as well.
Monday – 1013
Tuesday – 686
Wednesday – 701
Thursday – 669
Friday – 700
Saturday – 847
Sunday – 743
This week the word count is 5359. Which means for the 10 weeks that I’ve been in my new routine I’ve written 45,563 words.
It’s a great start and hopefully something I’ll continue to build upon.
I’ve found the last week to be the hardest. I feel a little burnt out but I’ll push through

Camp Nanowrimo Day 28

Day total – 743
Day goal – 667

I can see that finish line. One whole day early. All I need to do is finish my wrap up and I am done.

As everyone begins to pack away there things and talk of all things non-writing, I am reminded of my daily pledge to write a measly 500 words a day.

I need some quick fresh flash or short stories to free my mind a little more. Also tomorrow, after I validate, I will be starting the insanity workout programme. That should be fun.